My focus is happiness rather than wine right now

I’m chuffed as ninepence. After a series of setbacks of such varied character as pancreatitis, being unable to walk and having too much exposure to a particularly loathsome housing agent I’ve just this moment learned that Elitistreview will finally be installed in a long-term, totally lovely residence in wonderful Winchester. It has taken an age and there has been expense, offence and indescribable pain on the way, but now it’s all over and I am jollier than a particularly Sherry-infused trifle.

[image image_id=”5882″ size=”medium” align=”left”]

We are having a couple of glasses of Domaine de Trevallon 2008 to celebrate. I admit my mind is not entirely focussed on the wine, I want to dance around and skip with delight, but I’ll tell you a bit about it:

When young like this one Trevallon is quite a fruity, ripe little number. But there is that ‘little’ – it is not an Australian Cabernet/Shiraz monster but rather has a distinctly elegant character. The fruit is certainly attractive at this age, but the elegance and complexity it shows tell me (as does being informed by many previous tasting encounters) it’ll be best in 7-10 years. It’s a great drink at around that age. My money saving tips with this wine, which is getting distinctly well-known and therefore not cheap, are to buy the less lauded vintages (I prefer the restraint they show when not super ripe and they are no worse in quality) and if you are in the UK buy them from Leon Stolarski Fine Wines – he doesn’t charge the Earth.

Now it is back to boozing and being inordinately mirth-charged! Hooray!