It is so good to be home

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I am out of hospital and feeling so much happier; my mood improved immeasurably as soon as I got home. I have to go back in a few weeks to get my gall bladder cut out, but I think I’ll manage that all right – it’ll stop my gall stones causing pancreatitis ever again. It was particularly good to come home and find a few cases of wine I’d blagged whilst in hospital, and I was terribly chuffed that the two jeros of 2009 Burgundy I had ordered also arrived. I am quite amazingly unfit, though. Three weeks and a day basically lounging around in bed has done nothing for my muscle tone. Yesterday morning I tidied the flat up and it left me feeling vastly shagged out all day.

The main reason for this post (apart from flashing my big ones) is to thank everyone who sent me supportive emails, comments on the blog, or general messages. Each one lifted my mood and I greatly appreciated them all. I’d also like to thank everyone who visited. Hospitals are not great fun and I don’t think I was at my most sparkling so it was great that so many people came to see me. Thank you, everyone. Normal service will be resumed shortly.