Crap like this gets on my moobs

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Having read this article I discover that the National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence are a bunch of meddling busybodies who feel they have the right to dictate exactly how should live our lives. These kind of jumped-up farts annoy me more than it is possible to believe. Just because someone works in the health sector that does not give them carte blanche to impose their twisted ideas of the ‘correct’ way to live one’s life on everyone. No one asked snivelling, self-righteous, sanctimonious vermin like this to meddle in all of our lives, so NICE should stick to licensing medication and keep their noses out of things that don’t bleeding well concern them.

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I am terribly pleased the government, who at least have slight authority on the grounds of being elected, has pretty much dismissed NICE’s ludicrous demands. Good show! I do worry, though, about the effect nutcase extremists have on policy formation. If they keep banging on that ‘something must be done’ eventually they’ll convince some people that a real problem exists, even when there isn’t one. The people they’ve convinced might not implement all changes the loony fringe demand, but choose what they decide is a sensible middle-ground. And this sort of legislation creep is what will destroy all those freedoms our enlightened ancestors fought so hard for.