This is up for drinking, alright

Sometimes you really need a bottle of white Burgundy. Occasionally they will disappoint, we have all popped oxidised bottles, but when they sing you’ll have a big grin slapped across your face as you neck your allotted glassfuls. This is singing.

[image image_id=”2182″ align=”left”] Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru Folatieres 2002, Paul Pernot

This smells like quite the charmer, some good fruit but also reasonably mature aromas and a pronounced array of mineral/earthy characters. There are hints of oak present, but these require precise sniffing to discover so no need to worry about oak dominating. It is certainly a complex nose that is in the full-flow of its pleasure-giving life. Smelling such a wine re-affirms one’s view that Burgundy is the destination for serious, delicious, beguiling Chardonnay. And I get to taste it too. Weight and density are words I should definitely be using about the palate. Yet even though it has all of that mature breadth the crystal clear minerality and focussed, star-bright acidity result in this palate throbbing with vivacity and singing with great harmony. It is extremely long with a panoply of complex flavours persisting for a smirk-inducingly long time. This is clearly showing extremely well at the moment and so I feel we should be drinking it up whilst it is showing so god-damned attractively.