A holy grail filled with rejuvenating goodness

Last night at Hawksmoor I drank one of the most compelling cocktails I’ve consumed in my life. I’ve had other attempts at this cocktail many times in the past, but few people have risen to quite this level of invigorating, mind-warping booze action. The cocktail? A Zombie:

[image image_id=”2306″]

Because the grail/glass was about a pint in size, and it was filled up with a remarkably broad and generous selection of rums, I’m afraid I cannot remember the recipe terribly clearly. I do remember that this cocktail bludgeoned my poor, harassed and generally rancid mind right into the correct mood to nosh on top quality meat. And I like sticking quality meat in my mouth. The bar rules allow just one Zombie per person, alas. Yet I can see where they are coming from; if I had 3 of these I would be floridly incoherent and would find the comparatively simple task of standing up to be quite beyond me.

Get down the bar at Hawksmoor whenever you have the opportunity; their cocktails are rarely beaten.

Many thanks for the picture, Dan.