If I go to a festival* I bloody need a drink

[image image_id=”2369″ align=”left”] The BBC reports that a bunch of neo-prohibitionists are complaining that a Welsh language festival is planning to start serving alcohol.

Selling alcohol (with food) seems a good idea at a mass festival, you’d have thought, but the Welsh council for alcohol and other drugs are, quite unsurprisingly, bitching at this reasonable move. They’ve started a petition to try and stop people from having a bit more fun whilst visiting the Urdd eisteddfod.

Chief executive of this fun-police organisation Wynford Ellis Owen tells us:

Evidence suggests that children and young people are more likely to become drinkers and heavy drinkers the more society normalises the use of alcohol – which is exactly what the Urdd is doing by introducing alcohol to the eisteddfod site.

We know this to be absolute bollocks (see here and here). We also know that children are drinking less than ever in the UK. This is just another example of some hideous neo-pro trying to interfere with people’s lives in a feeble attempt to justify their own whining, pointless existence.

The Welsh assembly’s view on this, “This is a matter for the Urdd.” Quite right! Not for anyone but them to be concerned with.

Edit: I’ve been pointed to an even more odious article about this on the BBC News website. Apparently, a loony Christian organisation have also complained about the possibility of over-18 year olds having a bit more fun. Their best argument is, “It’s been shown that the availability of drink is a known factor in alcohol abuse. By making alcohol more available the Urdd is contributing towards the problem.” Alas, their complaint could not be considered because they are not local to where the eisteddfod is happening. Good. This group has complained about the general availability of alcohol in the past; Shut up and piss off you bunch of interfering swine.

*Especially a festival in Wales, otherwise how could I stand them terrorising me with their close-harmony choral singing? These people look ready to terrorise me, alright:

A Welsh choir at the Urdd Eisteddfod

At this years event they will feature some Mozart opera translated into Welsh and creative headgear competition for year six children. I need that drink now. I didn’t see Padlockigami in the program, alas: