Best village Burgundy

It has been ten days since I posted [link2post id=”374″]my poll about which Cote de Nuits village makes the best village-level wines[/link2post]. You can see the results here. It seems that Chambolle has won with exactly half the votes. I’m not entirely surprised.

The best Chambolle-villages from Roumier and Mugnier are truly fine wines which smash beyond the humble village quality level. Both are amazing expressions of place and beauty. Barthod is good and I’ve had slightly idiosyncratic but undoubtedly good Confuron-Cotedidot Chambolle. Dujac Fils et Pere Chambolle is one of the best purchases we make each year; a bargain for the quality. Village wines like this are easy to love, and I can totally see why half of us went for them.

In second place was Gevrey. This is probably a really good option, there is variety and class in Gevrey. I don’t drink Gevrey terribly often, but a bottle of Alain Burguet Mes Favourites 2003 I popped last night was an amazing, if moving toward large-scale, expression of confident beauty. I didn’t actually drink any because I have an appalling stomach bug, but my sniffs and tiny sips were greatly rewarding.

Morey next, which we have discussed endlessly, then Nuits with a single vote. Nuits would probably be my last choice, but I admit that is because I usually drink 1er cru Nuits and rarely village wines.

I was slightly surprised that no one voted for Vosne, but then I remembered the prices of the stuff… Remember when you could get Rene Engel Vosne for less then twenty quid at Berry’s? Wow, those were the days.

Many thanks for voting. I’ll be thinking of a Premier Cru related poll and post one in a few days.