Brilliant Champagne in Blighty

Sorry to my international reader, but these Champagnes seemed such bargains I had to alert my UK reader.

Cedric Bouchard has made some of the best Champagnes I’ve had. [link2post id=”792″]Inflorescence was amazing[/link2post], I was stunned by its complexity and purity of expression. It cheered me up no end when I was ludicrously insane. I had [link2post id=”382″]Les Ursules[/link2post] for the second time last weekend and it was mind-expandingly good (especially after a shit meal). I can think of few Champagnes that are better than those two, but they are all much more expensive. Both of these wines can be purchased from Vine Trail at prices that redefine the word ‘bargain’. You want to hit their site and buy these wines as soon as possible*.

There are flasher things from M. Bouchard, and it turns out you can pick them up at The Sampler in Islington here in London. If you go here and scroll down to ‘Roses de Jeanne’ you will see some really quality kit.

La Boloree is a single vineyard Pinot Blanc from the great 2005 vintage. It must be the most expensive Pinot Blanc ever made and sold. All who try it say it needs time but is an amazing wine. I’d love to try it.

La Haute Lemblee is a tad more of a conventional blanc des blancs Champagne being made from pure Chardonnay, again from the 2005 vintage. Once again, this gets rave reviews. I will buy two bottles, one to try and one to age. The top geezer Jeremy wants me to score him a bottle as well so save three for us will you?

The Inflorescence ‘La Parcelle’ 2002 vintage can also be purchased from Berry Bros for a few quid less. I’d love to have a bottle of this, I am sure 2002 will be a great vintage and I want to age a wine which I think will deliver incredible pleasure in the future.

The only Cedric Bouchard/Roses de Jeanne wines I have had have been blanc des noirs, which is an incredibly rare wine style. This strikes me as a bit of a shame as those few I’ve been lucky enough to try (largely Bollinger Vieilles-Vignes Francais, which I admit is a rather flash) have been great; a style I have really enjoyed. Pinot Noir is just such a great grape even when it is white and fizzy.

*I should say I report on the wines from this merchant only after I have secured some, the partner having purchased three bottles of each for me as a chrimbo present. He loves me so much. They also sell the wonderful Mourvedre-tastic Collioure Clos du Moulin from Domaine du Mas Blanc which is a must buy whenever one sees it.