Another evening with Captain Peter

We met ‘The Kid’ Peter at the Greenwich Union for a couple of pints then came back to horrible, horrible Woolwich for a spot of dinner. We drank extraordinarily well for a random occasion.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg L31DII 2002, Domaine Albert Boxler

Wow, a nose with the purity and freshness of mountain air. There is a lot of fruit here but the great, lively character just keeps it seeming fresh and vivid. The minerality on this nose, and there is a lot, is totally focussed – focussed on giving me a good time it seems. This is a vibrant, exciting nose in the full flow of pleasure-giving life. The palate: Wow. The fruit is beguilingly fresh and the minerality is so piercing. Like the nose it is just throbbing with life. Yes, it is very ripe and has a hint of sweetness, but with the delicacy and finesse this wine has you won’t need to drink it with foie gras. It is really, really lovely, and not falling apart in the slightest. This is the kind of Alsace Riesling we all hope to drink regularly.

Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru 1999, Domaine Arlaud

This is a nose of dark Pinot fruit, ripe with hints of meatiness and spice. But above and beyond that it has a very pure and beguiling expression of charming, fresh fruit. This nose is up for displaying its life and clearly it has a long life ahead of it. Really, really attractive. So is the palate. A good, solid tannic structure which is on the right side of rigor and has loads of really lovely fruit. Yeah, this is a proper bottle of Burgundy alright. It has the beauty, love and raw tits sex action we want from decent Burgundy. There is multi-layered pleasure here and I am enjoying this no end. Yeah. Cyprien Arlaud has serious talent when it comes to making the good stuff and we should all try and buy as much as possible.