Tiring but lovely

We picked this up in Washington DC when we went on our little holiday out there. This has aged faster than I’d have expected but it is still rather nice. Josh Jensen of Calera has made some of the great non-Burgundian Pinot Noir’s I’ve had. Indeed, off the Cote I think Mr Jensen and Mr Farr have the power that very few approach.

Pinot Noir Mills Vineyard 1999, Calera

A maturing brick colour. The fruit is rather mature and slightly acetone like, but this is a quite attractive acetone character. The edges may be fraying but the core holds a lot of interest. Tiring but I do like it. The palate is very soft and attractive. There is some earthy complexity here too but this is largely a work of soft and charming fruit. I would like to have poured this wine for my mother, who loves good Burgundy but has little experience of the great grape outside of the golden slope. I know she’d love this, and she bloody well should as it is a marvellous wine. I love it. If you have some left drink it soon and love it.