The other Sorrel

I’ve seen this wine on sale precisely once; I purchased it then and there. It has been in the cellar since then and ten years seems a good age for analysing a Hermitage.

Hermitage ‘Le Vignon’ Vieilles Vignes 1999, J. M. B Sorrel

This is very peppery on the nose with a lot of tar and leather. It seems quite mature. There is some good fruit and earthiness (which is edging toward being rather dirty) there, but its maturity seems the main character. It is not a terribly complex nose. The palate is beginning to dry out a bit, it also lacks complexity and the finish is a bit short. This is not a great, manly Hermitage palate. It is by no means bad, but there is a real lack of coherency to the palate and I want more and better thrills and spills from my Hermitage. It is a good Syrah which is beginning to fall apart rather than a Hermitage to awake your passion.