A producer worth seeking out

My chum Jeremy suggested we go and try this at the Ampuis wine market many years ago. I am glad he did, it has provided much in the way of extreme Cornas experience over the years. We still have more. The label is hideous, but the wine is really good.

Cornas Cuvee Prestige ‘Vin Noir’ 2001, Domaine du Tunnel/Stephane Robert

This wine is a brooding entity which is just growing in my glass. It started off with beetroot and rhubarb aromas, now the fruit is very brambly with a good depth of character to it. This is really earthy, and a tad rustic, on the nose. It is easy to say this when you are not actually having to do it, but I like to think were to smell this when blind tasting I’d say, “That is freaking Cornas, alright, and a good one too”. There is a lot of life and energy to this nose, love that fruit for sure. Now that, ho ho ho, is a really tasty palate. Sure there is a lot of tannin there, but that concentrated fruit and earthy richness all work to keep this supremely balanced. And it is just delicious. The structure is really compelling, all the elements work really well together. Lovely, I tell you, even with its rustic edge. When a wine smells so lovely and tastes so god-damned sex-tastic you know that someone who knows how to make wine has touched this. If you see any good vintages around I suggest you snap them up. 7-12 years is usually enough for Cornas, as evidenced by how beguiling this is, so you don’t need to wait forever.