This is village wine from out where the big dogs eat

The question is, how much better village Burgundy can you get? None, none more better.

Morey-Saint-Denis 2002, Domaine Dujac

This nose is alive with ripe, charming fruit. Once again I find myself getting a hint of something floral on the nose. It has a powerful mineral streak running down it. This is a really expressive, compelling nose of real character. Ah, the fruit on the palate tickles my fancy quite a bit; it is nice and ripe but with fresh acidity to balance it. This is a model of harmony; even with its definitely present tannins this doesn’t seem unbalanced. It seems lovely. A real charmer, but with style and proper class. Ah the more I smell and taste this wine the more I love it. What is there not to love? There is fruit, earthiness, power, elegance, refinement, buxom and bold-style beauty, and many of the other good things we like.