This is very old style white Burgundy

Fascinating to try, and good to have something in such rude good health after nine years.

[image image_id=”2018″ align=”left”] Meursault Premier Cru Perrieres 2000, Pierre Matrot

A very linear, direct and focussed nose of lemon fruit and tightly wound-up minerality. No oxidation here at all: it is fresh, lively and backward for a wine from the tits out 2000 vintage. There is a hint of truffled honey to the nose which is very attractive. The palate has a lot of lemony fruit and the acidity to match. There is a degree of density to the palate, but this wine is still so backward that it hasn’t put on so much weight. Livid and lively are two words I’d use to describe this wine. Complex and harmonious are two words that I should also use. It is a stylish, in a style I rarely drink, Burgundy of class and excitement, I wish I had more.