This is not short on charm

After me bad-mouthing this producer (possibly un-necessarily, we’ll see if/when the wines come good) my chum Jeremy gave us this to try.

[image image_id=”1993″ align=”left”]

Riesling Kabinett Trabener Gaispfad 2007, Weiser-Kunstler

This positively reeks of lemon sherbet. I like lemon lemon sherbet very much. It has puppy fat and charm, a really attractive nose that just promises pleasure when you get around to drinking it. The palate is clearly quite ripe, and the fruit as a consequence it is at the exotic end of the kind of flavours you’d expect in a kabinett. It has a good degree of concentration and I like the acidity no end. My stomach doesn’t like it, but I’m lapping this up. Not, if we are brutal in our honesty, the most electrifying wine of utter gorgeousness in the world, but it is not short on charm. As far as drinking wines go you couldn’t get much better.