There is a new star in the sausage firmament

It is from Sillfied Farm, of course. The wild boar Italian style sausage, pictured below, is a truly thrusting sausage of pulsating brilliance.

[image image_id=”2523″]

[link2post id=”1241″]I’ve mentioned Sicilian style sausages from Sillfield Farm before[/link2post]. I am a fan of their finely balanced, deeply porky, slightly spicy favours. The wild boar Italian style sausage is much the same, flavoured with wine, cheese and chilli, but they are also stuffed with wild boar meat. Wild boar is perhaps best in sausages and it works a treat in these.

The sausages are very meaty, with a salty, cured flavour. The chilli heat is just powerful enough and they have cheesy hints. This is a complex, flavoursome sausage for lovers of food that has a high interest quotient. Great stuff.

I should add that they are gluten free. Hooray!