Singatoba – Nespresso Special Club 2009

OK, let’s get to the point: this is one of the most wonderful coffees I’ve had in my life.

Now if I may expand (it is the anti-psychotics*, they make me so amazingly hungry) I’ll tell you why is is so good. As the Nespresso machine was pumping this coffee out my entire kitchen was filled with a remarkably pleasing fruity, woody and chocolaty aroma. It was intense and complex. The intensity was certainly carried over to the palate, where it filled your mouth with integrated, interesting, rich flavours of spice, wood and berries. It is strong enough, but at well and being bold it has real dimension. A great, great espresso.

[image image_id=”3644″ size=”full”]

Singatoba costs £0.31 per pod, 2p more than the Indriya ‘Pure Origin’, which remains an amazing coffee. Is it worth this extra? Yes, but you still need to order Indriya from Nespresso (or go into Selfridge’s in London and get a couple of coffees made for you whilst deciding which blends you want) as its caffeine power up value would be required by any person who enjoys the good things in life.

This coffee is 100% Blue Batak Arabica beans from near Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra; there is more information about the location and complex maturation and roasting techniques on the Nespresso website.

*Well, it is the food, but it is the anti-psychotic that makes me want to eat so much of it.