This is one of the truly great wines I have had in my life

Following conversations with Jeremy about concerns with these big Alsace Riesling’s ageing profile, we thought it might be wisest to enjoy them as they pulse with bursting youth. I will never forget this wine.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg Vendanges Tardives ‘Cuvee Zacharie’ 2004, Albert Boxler

This is being drank at cellar temperature and at this slight chill the nose undulates with fine, focused, freaking beautiful aromas. It is a vibrant expression of the vineyard aroma, concentrated through the late-harvest Riesling characters. This, oh yes, this is a surgingly good nose. For all its thrusting focus, penetrating purity and fruity, fancy finesse it explodes with complex, compelling rich, totally charming fruit. How can I possibly describe this palate of total sexy and intellectual hedonism? It has incredible, spell-binding acidity, amazing candied fruit and screaming minerality of consciousness-expanding brilliance. The complexity and length are twisting my mind with their beauty. Drink it now, boys and girls, but only share the bottle with your most appreciative of friends.