Scum scaremongering swine

You may have read the story about keeping cured and processed meat out of children’s lunchboxes in order to prevent them getting bowel cancer (which is here). What a drivelly pile of scaremongering toss.

“Eating too much over decades can raise the risk of bowel cancer”, say the sponging, self-publicising bastards who only come out with crap like this to try and justify their stinking, whining existence. What is ‘too much’? They certainly don’t know. By how much is the risk raised? They don’t know that either. This story is purest bullshit.

What really pisses me off is that they tell parents not to give children such meat to ‘prevent them from developing a taste for it’. This is so infuriating. We must deny children the pleasure of wonderful, flavourful, interesting food and make them picky eaters just to possibly minimise an unknown risk of developing one particular disease at some unspecified point in the future.

This kind of bollocks makes it into the news pretty much every day. It is rubbish and we must recognise it as such.

[image image_id=”1982″]

Look at that lovely ham! How could anyone deny a child such health-giving pleasure?