Steak tartare – food for people with a healthy attitude to food

Steak tartare is what people who enjoy meat eat. You need terribly serious fillet for this. Best to get a tail piece (which will cost less money), but still no skimping on quality. So, get about 350g of steak per person, let it warm to room temperature and chop it up finely removing any fat you can see. It’ll look like this:

[image image_id=”2442″]

You also need to chop up some cornichons, shallots (banana shallots ideally), nonpareille capers and parsley. This time we also chopped up some pickled silverskin onions. Furthermore, you’ll need an egg yolk per person, some Dijon mustard, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. This stuff, basically:

[image image_id=”2334″]

Then mix the meat with the other ingredients, tasting as you go. If you serve it with pommes dauphinoises it’ll look like this when you’ve finished:

[image image_id=”2491″]

Finally, a top tip from David Strange:

This can provide you with an incredible method of making friends with a butcher. If you cannot be bothered to chop up your own steak you can ask a butcher to put it through their mincer. They may look a bit surprised, but assure them it is for steak tartare and you know what you are doing. When they come to show you the minced fillet steak, grab a pinch and eat it right there and then. You’ll have gained a friend for life and, we hope, a decent discount on your future purchases.