I try this in the cold, hard light of afternoon

I loved this in France, but with the drugs working and being more in control of my nut-case tendencies, everything conspired to make me feel wonderfully positive. I think my notes were accurate, but I was prepared to see the pleasing aspects of things if enough were there. Will this still be the best Muscat I’ve tried? I’ll tell you…

Muscat Grand Cru Pfersigberg 2007, Domaine Bruno Sorg

Wow, a truly charming honeysuckle nose. Extremely floral and attractive. This is very refined but it smells like it has a good bit of density. The floral fruitiness is just ravishing, but there is a good minty minerality here which marks this out as being a step ahead. Oh, oh yes, this is a hedonistic rapture of a nose. Sure, the palate has a bit of residual sugar, but great acidity (honestly!) and a really tangy minerality. More of that mint is here. Of course, the fruit is a wanton harlot of pleasure. This is really, seriously now, the best mostly dry Muscat I’ve had. Why didn’t we visit here in our early 90s trips, boys? We were staying in Eguisheim. There serious examples of all grape varieties here (avoid the cremant, though, it is undrinkable) and no one makes better Muscat. Neither Zind-Humbrecht nor Burn, Sorg is better.

Yes, this is still the best bottle of Muscat I’ve tried. I’m still feeling pretty much on top of the world.