Cheers cheers to the chaps at Embury Cocktails

It is half-past midnight and I am having a beer. Wehay! I admit this is not an uncommon occurrence, but I am drinking this rather tasty Sierra Nevada Pale Ale because I have no cocktail ingredients in the flat. Why do I need cocktail ingredients? I was hoping to raise an appreciative toast to the fellows at Embury Cocktails. Not only did they have this to say about me and the site, but also they link to me with the frighteningly accurate text “Bonkers Englishman, gonzo drinking”. Hooray! Life is great and it is fantastic that there are other people out there who know that. So, the beer:

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 5.6%

A hoppy, aromatic nose with good freshness. The bitterness on the palate is really refreshing and makes you want to drink more. I think the flavour is really carried well by the high-ish alcohol. There is a depth of character here which makes this a very satisfying drink. A properly good Pale Ale, bottle-conditioning so often seems the way forward.