Gordon Ramsay is just such a charmer

The chef Gordon Ramsay is in the news. My opinion of his has dropped somewhat since I first went to his flagship joint in Royal Hospital Road.

My first meal there about nine years ago was exciting, with thrilling, inventive and wonderful food. However, the food pretty much stayed the same over the years. When he expanded into other restaurants the food was pretty similar at those too; shadows of the main establishment’s food. Then his television career took off and he is now better know as that chap who swears a lot than as a chef.

I worked at one of his establishments for the grand total of a week. I spoke to him a couple of times. He complimented me on my shoes (in comparison to someone’s less spiffy footwear). He stuck me as a very focussed and driven businessman. That is all very well and good but people who make good food are amongst my favourite type of people, more so than rude businessmen.

If he had continued to be an inventive chef I’d be frequenting RHR a lot more often. I go to l’Arnsbourg more often now. Now there is wonderful food and it stays up with the game.