Roast beef

Roasting beef is really easy. You need instructions? Ok, here goes:

Turn your oven up to 220 Celsius and roast the beef for 30 minutes. Then turn the oven down to 160 Celsius and open the door until the temperature goes down that low. Then roast for another 9 minutes per 500g of meat. If you have a digital temperature probe you’ll want to stop roasting when the middle of the beef hits 50 Celsius; this will be rare which is how we want beef. Easy, eh?

Last night we celebrated the Jeff’s birthday with a roast rib of beef.

[image image_id=”2452″]

And I did get the bugger properly rare:

[image image_id=”2453″]

We ate it with leeks and triple-cooked chips:

[image image_id=”2454″]

We got the beef from the Ginger Pig, probably the best beef butchers in Town.

Many thanks to Dan for the camera work.