Oh the nose of this worries me a bit

I swiped this from the partner’s collection whilst he is in Estonia. Sssshhhh! Don’t tell him! I need wine for my guest. This is not quite, at least on the nose, what I was expecting.

Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 2005, Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin

This is one of the most golden-hued Chablis I’ve seen since I had a really oxidised bottle last. Now that smells as if it is going down the oxidised/nutty path. Nice, very good indeed, but worryingly mature. This nose reminds me very much of two wines: Firstly, [link2post id=”796″]Salon 1996[/link2post]. The second thing this smells similar to was a bottle of Raveneau Premier Cru Chablis 1998 I had on my 30th birthday. I remember it because my chum James opened it blind for a bunch of us and we all said it was terribly serious Savennieres. Much as I like Savennieres, I’m not too keen on my Chablis smelling like it. The palate is properly good, but you get the sense that its light is starting to flicker and fade. Good minerality, certainly, with the remains of some peary, lemony fruit. Good length, too. Good Savennieres character… hmmm… I cannot believe such a serious 2005 Grand Cru Chablis has aged so quickly without some external factor affecting it. Its been in the flat for six months. Keep yours better than we have kept ours… bugger…