Breakfast at Fuzzy’s Grub

Daniel and my chum Keithy have been raving about the sandwiches at Fuzzy’s Grub for a while, so I was terribly pleased to be cruising past one of their branches at breakfast time. I can now see why they raved.

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Our breakfast order was simple enough, we both wanted a bacon and egg bap, with the egg yolk slightly runny, the bap buttered and with HP sauce. They excelled in all departments.

I suppose the first thing that I should write about is the bacon. They use excellent dry-cure back bacon. They don’t cook a huge batch of it first thing in the morning and leave it to dry out over as the day progresses, but instead cook batches throughout the period of breakfast service. Moreover, it is not over-cooked and crispy. It tastes just great.

The eggs are cooked freshly when you place your order, and they seemed quite delicious to me. As I suggested, they cook them as much or as little as you request. Go for a ‘medium’ egg if you want the yolk slightly runny but not so runny as to ruin your tie.

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Finally, the bap. How interesting can a bread roll be, you might wonder. But this was a top piece of bread, freshly baked, with a great texture and real flavour. It was buttered with real butter and just enough HP sauce. Lovely, just lovely.

I have to go past a branch at lunch time to try one of their roast meat sandwiches (roast chicken, I think I’ll go for), but breakfast was a top experience.

You can find a list of branches here. I urge you to pay them a visit.

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