What a rum old drink

This is the rum we scored from marvellous, marvellous [link2post id=”756″]Cadenhead’s[/link2post] in Edinburgh. It is frighteningly alcoholic for something that has been distilled in a pot still then aged in cask for 14 years. The key with these super-fiery spirits is to either dilute them a bit (if you are a bit girly, that is) or just take the tiniest of tiny tastes so the flavours explode on the tip of your tongue. That is what I’ll be doing, and as such I’ve poured myself a really small sample.

[image image_id=”2460″] Pot Still Demerara Rum, Uitvlugt Distillery, Aged 14 Years, Cadenhead’s Single Cask Bottling,70.7%

As my ISO glass sits on the desk next to my keyboard I can smell a powerfully alcoholic, sweet richness pervading the room. It is not just booze-tastic, though, there are complex, aged aromas too. Smells fantastic. Also smells like it is going to hurt. OK, a tiny taste only burns slightly, but fills my mouth with multifaceted, interesting, heady flavours. This is quite impressive; fiery, but delicious. Shall I see what it is like with a dash of water? Yeah, why not? Intriguing, that has made it smell very woody, but I feel the intensity is not quite so arresting. That has given the palate less of a burn, but again the intensity doesn’t seem to be there. It seems more like standard rum than the wild rollercoaster ride of an experience it was undiluted. This is not the kind of thing you can just sit down and drink a few glasses of, unless you’ve coated your mouth with wax, but a little sip at the end of an evening would perk one up and delight with its complexity.