One thing we are not is two thin laddies

I recently [link2post id=”768″]blogged about simple pleasures[/link2post]; the cafe Two Thin Laddies in Edinburgh delivers them very well.

I was a bit worried when we walked in, it seemed as if it was going to be only free-trade, organic, vegan, leftist-shite food. We were relieved when we looked at the menu and saw it was packed with meaty offerings and they were clearly proud of using high-quality, local ingredients. They had a good range of breakfast offerings, and also some more substantial dishes for lunch and dinner.

Being a man of simple tastes, I chose a humble bacon roll both times we went (with butter and HP sauce, obviously). The bacon was freaking excellent as was the bread; I bloody loved them. Daniel was pleased with his first bacon and egg roll, but preferred the bacon and sausage roll we had on our second visit. We agreed on the quality of the bacon, and he said the sausages were quite superior to any he had experienced in any previous British cafe.

It may have been only a cafe, but lovely bacon, good sausages and great bread can charm. We enjoyed it.

I’ll be writing up the other restaurants we visited in Edinburgh over the next few days, and there were some great ones, so do come back and check them out.