I’ll throw this one open to the audience

Sometimes I worry my tastes in wine are becoming so rarified and abstracted that no one else would like the stuff I like. It doesn’t often seem to happen, but I still worry. In view of this, I want to ask you, my knowledgeable audience, what wine I should buy to charm a wine neophyte.

I am being filmed in a couple of weeks for a documentary about schizophrenia. I met the producer today and she seemed to think it would be good to film me tasting a wine; clearly I immediately insisted she also have a glass. She doesn’t drink much wine and only likes white wine, so what white wine should I get?

The criteria are that the wine has to be white and good. If it is not good I won’t get excited and the film will be less funny. I thought about a German 2007 Riesling, but we worry (see below) that these are closing up now. 2008s are not out yet. Mature Riesling is a great pleasure, but not so much for the beginner, I feel. The other thing that occurred to me was the bottle [link2post id=”of 790″]Moelleux Vouvray I had a couple of weeks ago[/link2post]. It is hilariously good, and was liked back then, but is it a bit weird? Anyway, your recommendations, please!