A much better bottle

This was the second bottle we took to wonderful [link2post id=”809″]Hawksmoor[/link2post] yesterday. They charge a fiver corkage on Mondays, which is pretty good. When I opened my bottle of this four years ago it seemed to be lacking some of the pleasure that this displays.

Cornas “Vieilles Fontaines” 1995, Alain Voge

Good earthy complexity on the nose, with a pleasing depth of fruit character. This does smell concentrated, but really quite elegant and refined for a Cornas. It is fully mature based on the nose and up for drinking. The palate is really silky and svelte, with fine tannins and lovely fruit. It is surprisingly light bodied, but this comes across more as elegance than dilution. This is quite a refined, classy bottle of Cornas, if not terribly Cornas-like. Good stuff.