One thing this isn’t, and that is Chambolle

You may recall that I admitted to being foolish and [link2post id=”797″]buying Jean Grivot wines[/link2post]. Exactly how awful was one of them? Read on and find out.

Chambolle-Musigny Combe d’Orveau 2003, Jean Grivot

Does this even smell of Pinot? The nose is all over the place with poorly defined, excessive fruit, a big smack of alcohol and not much else. Where is the harmony of Chambolle? Where is the beauty? They are not on the palate, that is for sure. It is quaquaversal in its horribleness – weird, tough, unconvincing flavours assault your senses and leave you wishing there was a spittoon. The tannins in this wine are bloody awful, so hard and tough with nothing redeeming about them, there isn’t even that much fruit on the palate to balance things out; it is all just bitter tannin and raw acidity. This is one of the most shamefully awful Burgundies I’ve tried in… oh… a period of time. It has been demonstrated that I am a fool for buying this and if you’ll all form a queue outside my flat you can start throwing the rocks at me now.