I’ve been really bad

Its true. I’ve purchased a couple of Jean Grivot wines. Now I know that is awful and I deserve mocking, but let me explain. I’ve got a bottle of Chambolle-Musigny Combe D’Orveau 2003 which I am going to open at an up-coming dinner party and I think that is a vintage that would suit his style. I’ve also got a bottle of Nuits Saint Georges Premier Cru Pruliers 2005. Now this was when he was totally post Accad-method. Obviously I’ll have to age it forever, but I still think his wines will have quite a lot of Accad-emic (This joke is copyright Jeremy Seysess 2009) interest. We tasted his 05s in his cellar just after Rovani had been so he’d got the lot open and we lapped them up. Whilst we all agreed that they were not our taste, we were all irritated to admit they were good wines. A few were truly impressive. But, I prefer to be charmed than impressed.

If you’d like to try some Grivot like some the Wine Society have a few on their lists at the moment. The Vosne Suchots 2003 might be a candidate for interesting old bones.

As Jeremy pointed out in his [link2post id=”799″]article on Champagne[/link2post], it is very irritating when you have your prejudices dis-proved. It happened to me with an 1022″]Egly-Ouriet Blanc de Noirs I’d given some age. I was so livid that I liked it.