Un-rated Cornas

When posting my [link2post id=”871″]poll of the best Cornas producers[/link2post] I missed out on mentioning M. Vincent Paris. Should I have included him? Read on…

[image image_id=”2386″] Cornas “Granit 60 Vieilles Vignes” 2004, Domaine Vincent Paris

Leathery, blackcurrant, peppery aromas on the nose. There is also something vaguely floral, jasmin? It has a pleasing earthiness to it, and a good depth of character. The palate has a nice spiciness to it, pepper and cinnamon. The tannins are a bit dry, but it is not too much like hard work thanks to the old-vines concentrated fruit. It has a reasonable degree of style, but not really the class or complexity of Clape, Lionnet or Verset. It is good, but a distinctly second-rate producer.