Before my guests arrive

I thought I may as well write up one of tonight’s wines as I decant it so I don’t have to disappear in front of the computer for quite so long when my guests arrive. It is always a treat to drink Noel ‘Papa’ Verset’s Cornas.

Cornas 1999, Noel Verset

A rich, ripe nose of dark fruit with a hint of stemminess. There is some real earthy complexity to the nose, which is highly attractive. The overall impression of the nose is that it is multi-dimensional and deeply compelling. This is serious kit. The palate has some slightly rustic Cornas tannins, but generally is as smooth as silk socks and as refined as super-unleaded. Really ripe fruit, yet not in the slightest bit over-blown. This has quite a lot of class and wonderful harmony; I am finding it highly enjoyable. This is up for drinking now (with great pleasure), and I am sure it will continue to provide smiles for another five or more years if you have the cellaring capability. To think that a wine this desirable was sitting on Byrne’s shelf for a mere fifteen notes; a super bargain.