Domaine Dujac 2008

My favourite producer in Morey Saint Denis; brilliant, stylish wines here that compel with their class. Jeremy Seysses (the winemaker) thinks his 2006s are better than his 2007s, but I enjoyed both.

Puligny-Montrachet 2007, Domaine Dujac Fils et Pere

Really fruity and expressive. Nice mineral palate with plenty of fruit. Most charming.

Morey Saint Denis Blanc 2007

Open for business, alright. Lovely fruit that is most attractive. Very pleasing.

Morey Saint Denis Blanc Premier Premier Cru Monts Luissants 2006

Pretty charming on the nose. Nice fruit and good mineral character. Plenty of pleasure on the palate. Very good.

Gevrey-Chambertin 2007, Domaine Dujac Fils et Pere

Nice fruit on the nose wtih a degree of spice. The fruit on the palate is lovely, too. Nice tannins. Good.

Morey Saint Denis 2007

A bit reduced on the nose, but with nice Morey fruit. The tannins don’t seem so sophisticated, but it is a nice drink with good acidity and fine balance.

Morey Saint Denis Premier Cru 2007

A truly lovely nose of ripe fruit intertwined with a fine oak character. Real silkiness on the palate and some damned-good concentration. Good length and the finish is just fantastic.

Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru aux Combottes 2007

The svelte characters on the nose are delightful. The palate has good silkiness, to and quite a lot of charm. Yeah!

Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru les Beauxmonts 2007

Great complexity and ravishing exotic fruit on the nose. This has many stylish and classy elements that combine to create a deeply compelling whole.

Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru Malconsorts 2007

Exotic style here in spades. I love the depth of fruit on the nose. Good tannic structure that frames the fruit nicely. Top bunny.

Echezeaux Grand Cru 2007

There is an incredible depth of fruitcake fruit here. Really stylishly complex. On the palate there is truly lovely fruit and a great interplay between acidity and tannin. Class.

Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru 2007

This has a real depth of complexity and it thumps on your door to announce its style, class and pleasure. Tits.

Clos Saint Denis Grand Cru 2007

There is a lovely perfume of sweet, complex fruit on the nose. The palate seems very classy, but the flavours are not quite so harmonious. Don’t get me wrong, this is really damned good, but the last two wines seemed to provide a tiny bit more pleasure.

Clos de la Roche Grand Cru 2007

Real density of fruit on the nose with a great earthy character. This is ‘limpid pool of radiance’-wine so compelling are the flavours. Top hole.

Morey Saint Denis Blanc 2006

Nice fruit that is reasonably personable. Pleasing fruit on the palate and some good acidity.

Chambolle-Musigny 2006, Domaine Dujac Fils et Pere

Good, pretty fruit. Nice ripe tannins. Plenty of charm. Nice length. A very pretty little number.

Morey Saint Denis 2006

Great Morey fruit on the nose, delicate and classy. A damned impressive tannic structure, but it is by no means short on pleasure.

Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru les Combottes 2006

This is completely classy on the nose and the palate doesn’t fall short when it comes to tickling one’s fun bits. Yeah, man, yeah!

Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru 2006

A ripe, thrilling nose that bursts with excitement. This is a real charmer. Silky pleasure on the palate. Terribly good.

Vonse-Romanee Premier Cru Malconsorts 2006

An amazing nose of exotic fruit and classy, earthy complexity. This is simply extraordinary, oozing class from every pore. Truly great wine.

Clos de la Roche Grand Cru 2006

A dense nose that has real multidimensionality. Spicy richness there with the fruit that just goes on and on. An amazing finish. You’ve got to love this wine.

Clos de la Roche Grand Cru 1997

Fruity and medicinal on the nose. It is very complex with lots of lovely, lovely ripe fruit. Very lively and bursting with fun. Very nice indeed, and up for drinking, too.