Something savoury this way waits

Roman Niewodnicszanski often makes top Riesing, this is no disappointment.

Riesling Scharzhofberger “Pergentsknopp” 2005, Van Volxem

A lovely nose of sweet citrus fruit with a lovely savoury character.There is a hint of celery to it which is oddly appealing. It doesn’t smell particularly botrytised, but there is plenty of ripe fruit there. The alcohol seems in perfect harmony on the nose (claimed 12%). The palate has truly lovely bastard-loads of fruit, with great minerality and a thrilling edge of acidity. It is not overly sweet, and the fruit and minerality make this thrilling. This has an obvious high degree of complexity, but is going through a bit of a closed patch. I would wager this would be a lot better in five or more years time, but it has a thrilling, nervous, edgy life to it now. Lovely stuff, and it is a relative bargain.