By arse we are drinking well over this period of time

This is another good bottle in a string of good bottles since the Pinot Noir By Farr; you have no idea how such events cheer me up. If I am honest, I am pretty unwell at the moment. I am about to change medication and this might be difficult for a while. And yet, a few good bottles in select company has provided me with an awfully large amount of jolly points; the wine has added to the experience of people obviously liking me over the past few days and, even though this can sometimes be difficult to deal with, it is really rather nice. Now, a serious sweet wine:

Tokaji Aszu 6 Puttonyos “Betsek” 1999, Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Darker than golden syrup. A lovely nose of botrytic, candied apricots, with a pleasingly earthy character. This is a classy sweet wine. The palate is obviously silky and smooth, and even though it displays classic Tokaji oxidative tones it is still really fruity. As far as it is possible for these sort of wines to display vineyard character, this does. It is very long and bursting with complex fruit/mold/oxidative flavours, which delight and titillate for a pleasing length of time. There is a highly attractive character to this wine. It’ll last forever, but why bother? It is great fun now, and you can think about it too, which is never a bad thing.

That Shiraz By Farr was really good, as was the de Courcel. The Leflaive BBM was a transcendent experience. People open these things for me and I open them for them. Maybe I am not so bad. Maybe people are not wrong to like me. Even in the midst of psychosis there are oases of complete loveliness. I hope I can remain out of the bin and continue this hit-rate of great bottles over the next few weeks.