This is the cat’s freaking arse

How can I possibly describe a wine this good? For the record this cost me twelve quid on release.

[image image_id=”2339″]Riesling Auslese Wehlener Sonnenuhr 1996, Joh. Jos Prum

An intense nose of gravel and thick grease. It is intensely limey and petrolly and positively bursting with stoney life. This is the ballerina’s bits. Rude bits, at that. The complexity and god-damned style on the nose are simply awe-inspiring. The palate is light, beautifully elegant and refined, fizzing with limey, stomach-scalding acid. The sweetness is truly delicious and together with the acid and minerality this makes for an incredibly mouth-watering, moreish drink. I mean, I’ve had some seriously nips wine in my life and this is a memorably ranking bottle. Up for drinking now but will provide pleasure for decades if you treat it with the loving attention it deserves. I’ve got a bottle left; sometimes life is pretty good.