For once I agree with Pravda

Pravda is having a go at vegetarians, calling them a freak of nature. I particularly liked the paragraph:

Furthermore, cosmetologists say that a typical vegetarian has dry and fragile hair, dull eyes and unhealthy complexion. They can hardly stand criticism and have a low boiling point. They raise their voice, swing their arms and splutter when arguing. They are weak even in their logic. They exemplify their righteousness with the cow, a herbivorous animal, and say that nature originally made a human being as a vegetarian creature.

Of course, there is something slightly suspect about vegetarians. Anyone who can deny themselves pleasure for completely arbitrary reasons shows they are misguided at the very least. Cooking for vegetarians is always a pain, even vegetable soup needs chicken stock to make it good. Strange people. And if any vegetarians are offended by reading this just remember we have been told that “They can hardly stand criticism and have a low boiling point”.