The best offerings at Chez Dominique

Last night we had only a few options to choose from at [link2post id=”1078″]Chez Dominique[/link2post], thanks to their insane pricing policy. We started with a hilariously fine wine which had perhaps the smallest mark-up on the wine list.

Bienvenue-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 2005, Domaine Ramonet

By arse, what a nose! Vanilla, lemon, minerality, baby vomit and subtle oak all whirling together in a thrilling roller-coaster ride of hedonistic excitement. This had incredible complexity, real style and it oozed class from every pore. Quite marvellous. And then, of course, one gets to taste it. The dramatic tension in this wine was amazing. Taut linearity was balanced with weight and density to create a thrilling experience. It boggled the mind with its complexity and racy character. It may have been 14% and obviously a big wine, but it danced lightly across the palate like an anorexic ballerina. An anorexic ballerina with an attitude carrying a fully automatic shotgun. High quality action here, quite the best bottle of white Burgundy I have had for a while. Even though it was terribly young it sang a song of loveliness, charm and wanton extravagance I feel my humble writing skills are not up to re-telling. Tits++ and freaking quadruple-A.

Crozes-Hermitage “La Guiraude” 2003, Alain Graillot

Very dark. A rich, ripe nose of dark fruit that was clearly blessed with one hell of a lot of sun. Yet, despite this almost Portiness it still smelled of Crozes; there was cheap cologne and a degree of greenness present. It smelled really quite complex for Crozes this ripe, and was quite attractive. The palate had plenty of ripe fruit and a good tannic structure. I don’t know if he added it or not, but considering its ripeness the acidity was just perfect. The finish was nice and long with dark fruit flavours persisting. I may not like European 2003s, but this impressed. I think it would make very interesting old bones.