Basic Bandol

The generic Bandol from Tempier, they really have cleaned up their act (and their wines) in recent years.

Bandol 2005, Domaine Tempier

A clean nose of prune-y fruit and grilled meat, it is pleasing but a bit simple. The fruit is quite ripe, but not as crazy as the [link2post id=”1449″]2001’s[/link2post] I’ve 1698″]reported on in the 1533″]past. It seems balanced and refined, if not terribly interesting. The palate has plenty of ripe fruit, quite a lot of tannin, and that is it. I am pleased this is not as Bretty as older vintages of this wine have been, but I have to say I just find this a bit one-dimensional. The older wines may have occasionally stank too much of arseholes, but at least they had character. Clean, ripe and fruity, but just a tad dull.