Fizzing fun

This is one of Australia’s best wines, it is also a complete bargain at roughly fifteen sheets a bottle. Opened to have with oysters: Colchester No. 2’s are the way forward.

Riesling “Polish Hill” 2006, Grosset

A lovely, fresh nose of squeezed limes and stoniness. This smells very lively and reasonably complex. It is not too alcoholic or over-ripe, which is very pleasing. The palate is very dry, but has weight from the fruit and style from the minerality. This is direct and fizzing with acidity, but fruity enough to carry it off with class. This is complex and stylish enough to go beyond almost being a fine wine to actually being fine. It’ll age really well too, but I think it’ll shut down in a year until it is about seven or eight. A fine dry Riesling by anyone’s standards.

Tomorrow we drink a hilariously fine dry Riesling, Clos St. Hune 1997. I await its pleasures with considerable interest and only a slight amount of drooling.