Hell’s bells, what is the world coming to?

Chilean wine on Elitist Review? Honestly, elitism is my goal (rather than snobbery) so I’ll take the best from anywhere, especially when this was a mere fifteen sheets.

EQ Pinot Noir 2006, Matetic Vineyards

It is quite dark. It has a slightly cabbagey, sour fruit nose which is typical of slightly under-baked Pinot. However, there is also a lot of quite nice berry fruit. The palate is a touch hot, and slightly tannic in an over extracted sort of way. But hey, there is fruit there, it is quite lively, we talked about it for… oh… minutes before deciding once again we prefer Tandem. That being said, it is not bad by any stretch of the imagination and I’ll happily drink it.

You know, there were no wines of the month last month because I was in hospital. I took an overdose last Wednesday. I didn’t do myself any long term damage, and I feel a fool for being so impulsive, but at least now my insomnia is being taken seriously.