This was frighteningly acidic when it was young

I purchased some of this at an Oxford college tasting where the lovely Katarina Prum was present. I had to go up to her and compliment her on the frightening vivacity of the wines I’d tried.

Riesling Auslese Wehlener Sonnenuhr 1996, J. J. Prum

This has a very steely, slatey nose. There is a lot of petrol there, it is quite mature, but also a smokiness. It smells in perfectly good nick, though, with reasonable amounts of fruit as well as the minerality. By arse the palate is still frighteningly acidic! But quite tasty. Nice mature fruit, good minerality and a reasonable length. It is clearly from a lighter vintage, but is refreshing for that. It is by no means the best Prum wine I’ve had, but I am enjoying it quite a lot. A perfectly enjoyable wine for a summer’s afternoon, and to think it is eleven years old and lasted so well.