More of the same

I’ve just opened another bottle of Domaine St. Pierre Cornas 1995 from Jaboulet. My [link2post id=”1254″]last note[/link2post] on it seems pretty accurate to me, so I won’t bother boring you by repeating more of the same. A couple of things are worth saying about this, though.

Firstly, this is a really svelte, silky and sexy Cornas. Lovely smooth fruit and a really charming tannic structure at a developmental stage that is certainly up for enjoying now. This is a truly lovely Cornas and should be enjoyed by all.

Secondly, it is really easy to enjoy this as it is a complete bargain from the Wine Society. At a shade under twenty notes a bottle I find it hard to think of a more pleasing and ready-to-drink wine that one can get quite so easily.