Silly packaging

I’ve pretty much got all of the 1996 Champagnes I need, especially after this morning’s delivery of a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Grande Cuvée. This is a prestige cuvée I’ve wanted to try for a while, but as this is a 1996 I’ll have to wait until I open it. I’ve only purchased three 1996 prestige cuvées (as they are freaking expensive) and each one has come in over-blown packaging. The Grande Cuvée has a particularly silly ‘crocodile-mouth’ box:

The first thing I do when I get extraneous packaging like this is throw it away; it certainly doesn’t make it to one of my cellars. I can see how the makers want people to think that they are getting something special for their obscene amount of money spent, but surely the wine should be special enough? I’d rather spend a few notes less and just have the bottle of wine.

Ah 1996 Champagnes, such good things. I’ll be drinking my small but perfectly composed collection over a very long time. This means I’ll have to try some later vintages, hmmmm… I’ve had Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Nicolas François 1997 and [link2post id=”1578″]Bollinger Grand Année 1997[/link2post] and found both to be terribly disappointing; they seemed so forward, mature and lacking rigour. 1998 is more of a ‘classic’ vintage (although the 1275″]one I have had was bloody awful); I’ll order some Pol Roger.