Young vines

This is only the fourth vintage of this wine made by Sylvain Cathiard after the vineyard was re-planted, so the vines are quite young. I have to say I couldn’t tell that by tasting it, it doesn’t seem light and is quite serious. Quite lovely, too. This Premier Cru is located just above the Grand Cru La Romanée so it cannot be all bad. I like M. Cathiard’s labels:

Vosne-Romanée Premier Cru aux Reignots 2002, Sylvain Cathiard

The nose has obvious Vosne spice and exotic tones. It smells really concentrated and very complex; there is plenty of ripe fruit and minerality framed within a very subtle oakiness. It is really seductive. The fruit and spice coat the palate with concentrated, highly attractive flavours. It is really complex with a great long finish. The finish does have a hint of severity about it, but this is obviously a young wine and I think this would only become more svelte and silky as it ages. This is a serious and utterly charming bottle of wine; for all of its intellectual pleasure one could happily describe this as callipygian. M. Cathiard hits the bull’s eye once again.