My birthday present from our guests

Lovely people and good friends, the neighbours. We seem to have been following each other across London for quite a while, now. I greatly appreciate the gifts.

Fonseca Guimararens 1988

A pure, refined nose of pure blueberry fruit. It smells very elegant for Port. No shortage of concentration, though. There is elegance and refinement on the palate, too, with great layers of flavour. The fruit is quite lovely. This is a really excellent Port.

Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas 1988

The nose of this explodes with hedonistic excitement and power. Huge power, weight and concentration. It also smells very much like the homemade blueberry rum I made. The palate is a fireball of intensity, hugely fruity, hugely tannic, hugely concentrated. Real length and style here too. This is a really excellent Port as well.

Votes for the best: 3 for Fonseca and only me for Taylor’s. They are both pretty freaking nice, though.