Grilled meat and arseholes

Some people are shocked when I say that Bandol, especially old Bandol, smells of arseholes. I can understand this, but I really have to stress it is not necessarily a bad aroma; nice arseholes, if such a thing exists.

Bandol Cuvée Spéciale la Tourtine 1997, Domaine Tempier

A soft nose, that has grilled meat, ripe, dark fruits and the merest hint of arseholes. It is very complex and earthy. The alcohol level seems a lot more sedate than recent vintages. This tastes really lovely; soft, fruity, earthy and complex. There is a bit of dryness on the finish, but fruit is present too so it has a good, long finish. There is also a spicy pepperiness on the finish as well. This is reaching maturity and is really a very enjoyable drop.