A vigorous little number

I am a big fan of the wines of [link2post id=”1411″]Comte Armand[/link2post], even a minor appellation like this is treated seriously there. This is one of those bargain wines that allows you to see the skill of the winemaker (as well as the quality of the fruit) without shelling out for their most famous wine.

Auxey-Duresses Premier Cru 2002, Comte Armand

There is a tiny hint of greenness on the nose, but its predominant feature is ripe fruit: raspberries and cherries. This has the elegance on the nose that one would expect from a good Côte de Beaune wine. The palate has elegance, too, with nice fruit and a good tannic backbone. The tannins are definitely noticeable, but they are ripe so this seems vigorous and lively rather than rough. This seems more accessible than the 1577″]1999 I had in January It is a silky, smooth Auxey that I could easily mistake for something a bit grander..